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Engraved Gerber FlatIron Folding Knife | Personalized Pocket Butcher Cleaver

Engraved Gerber FlatIron Folding Knife | Personalized Pocket Butcher Cleaver

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  • Deep enough to shadow
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We custom engrave brand new Gerber Gear Flatiron folding pocket cleaver knives with DEEP attention getting engravings that can be had as seen OR customized. This ain't a quick graze it and ship it...these are 10-15 pass deep cuts that you can feel! 

With a bold and in-your-face cleaver-style butcher blade, this knife is anything but ordinary. While it's not a food knife, it can still be awesome to use to chop that carne asada too, adding an extra bonus to its already impressive capabilities.

The 3.6-inch stonewash finish blade is perfect for all your cutting needs, whether it's opening packages, carving wood, or even chopping vegetables. And with the sleek thumb hole opening, it's easy to operate with just one hand. The sturdy frame lock design and reverse curvature spine also make it easy to cut and chop with precision and ease.

The machined aluminum handle scales not only look cool, but they also provide a textured grip that's comfortable and slip-resistant. And with a large finger choil for secure control, you'll be able to tackle any task with confidence. Plus, the low-profile pocket clip allows for safe and discreet carry...until you whip it out and then everyone's looking at that backwoods hacker!

Whether you're camping, hiking, or just looking for a stylish addition to your EDC collection, the Gerber FlatIron folding pocket knife is the ultimate choice. Order yours today and experience the unbeatable quality and style of this must-have knife. And who knows, you might even find yourself using it to chop up some carne asada at your next outdoor BBQ.
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