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🔥2023 Eunorau Specter-ST 27.5" Fat Tire 48V17Ah 1000W Mid Motor E-Bike

🔥2023 Eunorau Specter-ST 27.5" Fat Tire 48V17Ah 1000W Mid Motor E-Bike

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Eunorau (pronounced u-nor-rou) it's time for the USA to...Get Back To Nature.


Introducing the Specter ST, fueled by the studly Bafang M620 motor, which takes center stage in Bafang's impressive lineup. This powerhouse embraces a mid-drive setup, churning out an astonishing 1000W (1500W Peak) of power and a torque sensor that unleashes a mind-boggling 160 N.m of torque. It embodies the perfect fusion of equilibrium, strength, and versatility, catering to thrill-seekers who crave the power and speed of cargo bikes, mountain bikes, beach bikes, and high-performance machines. The torque-sensing pedal assist robotizes uphill climbs, seamlessly delivering power that harmonizes with your every pedal stroke.

Prepare yourself for the fully customizable DNM A0-38RC 165mm rear shock, a suspension masterpiece engineered to conquer any trail. With complete control over compression and rebound settings, this formidable component absorbs impacts, maintains superior traction, and provides a luxuriously smooth ride that puts you firmly in control. And let's not overlook the that Eunorau inverted 140mm travel fork, relentlessly devouring jarring bumps and shocks, ensuring your energy remains unleashed and propelling you to ride with unparalleled finesse, speed, and confidence.

Now, that's what I'm talking about.

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The Nitty Gritty


  • Battery: Main 48V14/17Ah + Optional Second 48V14/17Ah Battery
  • Range: 80 miles (48V17Ah SAMSUNG Cells + Second 17Ah Battery )
  • Motor: 48V1000W Bafang M620 mid motor with 160 N.m torque
  • Total Payload Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Recommended Rider Heights: 5'3" ~ 6'4"
  • Maximum Speed: 30MPH / 48KMH
  • Charger: US standard 2.0 A smart charger
  • Controller: 48V
  • Display: BAFANG DPC18 display
  • Weight: 88lbs
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent: 0~5 level pedal assist
  • Box Dimensions: (cm) 170 L x 32.5 W x 85 H


  • Tires: 27.5 x 2.8"
  • Brake lever: Hydraulic disc brakes levers with motor cutoff switch
  • Rear Light: Taillight
  • Shifter: SRAM NX 1x11 speed gear shift system
  • Brake Rotor: EUNORAU design 180MM hydraulic disc brakes
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Handlebar: Comfortable stem
  • Crank: 170mm forged alloy
  • Cassette: SRAM NX 11-42T
  • Front Fork: EUNORAU 140mm travel suspension fork
  • Rear Shock: DNM AO-38RC,165mm
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Saddle, Height to Ground 32.3"-34.3"
  • Pedal: Nylon pedal with reflectors
  • Bike Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061 with suspension
  • Front Light: LED light
  • Tool: Included
  • Chainring: 40T BAFANG chain-wheel with protection
  • Rims: 27.5inch black alloy wheel

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  • Balanced Mid Motor Beast Bafang M620 1000W

    At the core of this Specter ST - is the beastly Bafang M620 motor. As the pinnacle of Bafang's motor lineup, the M620 delivers an extraordinary performance. With its mid-drive configuration and an impressive 1000W of power, this motor generates an astonishing 160 N.m of torque. What sets it apart is its dual functionality, allowing you to choose between throttle control or pedal assist, granting you complete mastery over your ride.

    The Bafang M620 motor is a true force to be reckoned with, offering an impeccable equilibrium of power, balance, and adaptability. Whether you're conquering challenging terrains, carrying heavy loads, or seeking high-speed excitement, this motor is your trusted ally. Its advanced torque sensor technology translates your pedaling input seamlessly, providing the ideal level of electric assistance.

    Prepare yourself to unlock the full potential of the Specter ST and embark on an exhilarating journey with the spec stacked Bafang M620 motor. It's the future in the realm of electric bikes, poised to elevate your cycling experience to unprecedented heights.
  • Fully Adjustable DNM Rear Shock

    The DNM A0-38RC 165mm rear shock is a top-tier suspension component crafted specifically for electric mountain bikes. It boasts an impressive 190mm of travel, enabling remarkable terrain-following capabilities while effectively dampening impacts. With its adjustable compression and rebound settings, riders have precise control over their suspension and can tailor it to their individual preferences and the demands of the trail. Engineered for durability and equipped with a sealed damping cartridge, this rear shock provides long-lasting and dependable performance. Its seamless integration and adjustable preload feature allow for optimal sag customization. The DNM A0-38RC delivers responsive suspension performance, effortlessly absorbing even the most rugged impacts, maintaining exceptional traction, and providing a luxuriously smooth ride. It is the preferred choice among electric mountain bike enthusiasts who demand unparalleled rear shock performance.
  • Eunorau Inverted Front Suspension

    Strap up, mount up, and grip the handlebars tight, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with the Eunorau inverted 140mm travel fork. This high-performance suspension component is designed to handle rugged terrains with ease, absorbing jarring bumps and shocks for a smooth and controlled ride. It's your ultimate companion for maintaining focus and unleashing your adventurous spirit, allowing you to push your limits and achieve new levels of speed. So, gear up 'n buck up, embrace your daring side, and conquer the trails with confidence. Now let's take the unbeaten back route for a run and leave some ruts.
  • The DPC18 Color TFT screen

    The DPC18 is a color TFT screen and it’s super easy to read even in direct sunlight. It’s also adjustable if you do want to change the angle. And it shows all kinds of important information about your ride including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level and more.
  • Removable battery system

    With a simple twist of a key, you can drop the depleted battery and charge it at the most convenient spot for you. Commute to work...drop the battery and charge at/under your desk. Nice.
  • Sram NX 11 speed

    Combined with the powerhouse motor is a Sram NX 11 speed derailleur and an 11 to 42 tooth cassette. The Sram NX is at about the top of the enthusiast ladder when it comes to performance.The system interfaced perfectly with the motor, largely due to the shift detection that was combined with the motor.
  • Double-sided bash guard

    The double-sided aluminum bash guard on this model helps protect the chain ring teeth from strikes, while also keeping the chain locked firmly into place. There is also a built in chain guide to reduce the chances of derailing.
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  • 1500 Foot Visibility

    Every fancy-memory of riding should have one comfortable saddle, and 2 modes on each light: Steady and Flashing. Visible to motorist over 1500 feet away.
  • Eunorau design 180MM hydraulic disc brakes

    These brakes are sensitive, but provide efficient and ample force when braking. When riding in harsh conditions, they break swiftly and can be relied upon to ensure your safety.
  • Take the back roads

    Skip the pavement and take the scenic route and bomb down some craggy trails while you're at it!
  • Who needs traffic?

    Here's the deal...electric bikes are a cost-effective alternative to electric cars. They take up way less space than cars (even those cute mini-Smart cars). With an electric bike, you can easily zip through detours and wave goodbye to frustrating traffic jams. No need to hunt for specialized charging stations either—you can charge your e-bike wherever there's a power outlet. It's all about freedom, convenience, and leaving traffic headaches in the rearview mirror.
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