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Eunorau Defender-S 26" Fat Tire 48V15Ah 1500W (750+750) AWD E-Bike

Eunorau Defender-S 26" Fat Tire 48V15Ah 1500W (750+750) AWD E-Bike

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“EUNORAU” (pronounced u-nor-rou) it's time for the USA to...Get Back To Nature.


An AWD electric bike with power coming out of both ends? Who knew?

Eunorau knew and knows. Not only do they know, they knew you'd want to blip and hold the the throttle through that hot fluffy soft sand while this fluffy dual suspension escorts you and that sinister grin you've got stretched across your face to the packed sand, because you know you're about to sling said sand not onto those pasty tourists that can't keep their eye off of that UFO you're posted on.

Eunorau should be paying you because you're about to be their new salesman with all the questions you're gonna have to answer once you touch back down.

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The Nitty Gritty


  • Battery: 48V14Ah + Optional battery(Dual battery design)
  • Range: 80+miles (48V 17Ah SAMSUNG+ Second Battery 17Ah)
  • Hub Motor: 48V750W+750W BAFANG motor with 80 N.m+80 N.m torque
  • Total Payload Capacity: 300 lbs / 136kg
  • Recommended Rider Heights: 5'3" ~ 6'4"
  • Maximum Speed: 15.5 MPH (25 KM/H) under speed limited/locked
  • Charger: US standard 2.0 A smart charger
  • Controller: 48V * 2
  • Display: New C3 colorful display+F/R motor switch
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent: 0~5 level pedal assist
  • Box Dimensions: (cm) 170 L x 32.5 W x 85 H

* Note: The bike is with speed limit and power limited to 15.5 MPH/25 KPH for on-road legal use. Riders can UNLOCK the speed limit on the display for off-road use to reach 28 miles per hour. Eunorau will not be held liable for riders that ride illegally configured bikes on-road.


  • Tires: KENDA sport tires 26" x 4.0"
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Brake lever: Hydraulic Brakes Lever with motor cutoff switch
  • Brake Rotor: 180mm front and rear
  • Rear Light: Taillight
  • Shifter: SHIMANO ALIVIO 9 speed gear shift system
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Stem: EUNORAU TDS-D507G-8FOV
  • Crank: 170mm forged alloy
  • Cassette: Shimano 11-34T
  • Fork: RST GUIDE 75mm travel suspension
  • Shock: EXA KS582, 165mm
  • Saddle: JUSTGK TTZ003 Saddle, Height to Ground 35.4"-41.3"
  • Pedal: Nylon pedal with reflectors
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061 full suspension
  • Front Light: 40 lux LED light
  • Tool: Included
  • Chainring: 44T aluminum chain wheel with protection
  • Rims: 26 inch black alloy wheels

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  • Eunorau Defender S AWD Right Side

    Defender S Bafang Bafang 1500W

    With 1500 watts of power (48V750W+750W BAFANG motor with 80 N.m+80 N.m torque, if you wanna get all technical), the Eunorau Defender S was designed to defeat all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, even being able to carry additional weight. This electric bike model is especially popular for the hunting enthusiasts; having the strength to pull or carry the game back to your vehicle.
  • Eunorau Defender S EXA KS582 Rear Shock

    Fully Adjustable EXA KS582 Rear Shock

    The EXA KS582 comes armed with adjustable compression and rebound damping. Fully tweak out your suspension to match your riding style and the ever-changing terrain so you can unleash your inner adrenaline junkie. It's time to dominate the trails, make jaws drop, and leave your buddies eating your dust.
    This shock is built tough, handling the roughest runs you can dish out. And hey, the EXA KS582 doesn't just deliver killer performance—it looks dope too. So, while the color of the front fork compression knob may vary, just know it maintains the same functionality. Style points matter, my friend.
  • Eunorau Inverted Front Suspension

    75mm travel eats up bumps and obstacles like a boss, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you're tackling rocky descents or powering through technical climbs, the RST GUIDE has got your back. Crafted with high-quality materials, this fork is built to withstand the harshest riding conditions. Its sturdy construction and advanced damping system provide optimal performance, allowing you to push your limits without worrying about performance issues.
  • Eunorau New C3 colorful display+F/R motor switch

    New C3 colorful display+F/R motor switch

    The 860C display has bright numerics and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. With waterproof connectors, it displays battery life, speed and distance, and has push mode - a feature to use in the circumstance of pushing the bike uphill.
  • Eunorau Removable battery system

    Removable battery system

    With a simple twist of a key, you can drop the depleted battery and charge it at the most convenient spot for you. Commute to work...drop the battery and charge at/under your desk. Nice.
  • Eunorau Shimano 9 Speed

    Shimano 9 Speed

    With this Shimano Alivio 11-34T 9 speed freewheel, there is a larger cog for up-hill riding and a smaller cog for high-speed riding. Speed can be easily adjusted with the pedal-assist system.
  • Eunorau Double-sided bash gaurd

    Double-sided bash guard

    The double-sided aluminum bash guard on this model helps protect the chain ring teeth from strikes, while also keeping the chain locked firmly into place. There is also a built in chain guide to reduce the chances of derailing. Plus it helps keep those slacks clean during a lunchtime ride.
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  • Eunorau 40 Lux LED Front Light

    40 Lux LED Front Light

    Light the path with the front light powered by the bike's battery. It can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad.The headlight is bright enough to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable.
  • Eunorau design 180MM hydraulic disc brakes

    Eunorau design 180MM hydraulic disc brakes

    These brakes are sensitive, but provide efficient and ample force when braking. When riding in harsh conditions, they break swiftly and can be relied upon to ensure your safety.
  • Take the back roads

    Skip the pavement and take the scenic route and bomb down some craggy trails while you're at it!
  • Who needs traffic?

    Here's the deal...electric bikes are a cost-effective alternative to electric cars. They take up way less space than cars (even those cute mini-Smart cars). With an electric bike, you can easily zip through detours and wave goodbye to frustrating traffic jams. No need to hunt for specialized charging stations either—you can charge your e-bike wherever there's a power outlet. It's all about freedom, convenience, and leaving traffic headaches in the rearview mirror.
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