About Us

The story begins with a neck tan and wore out arms. 

We're a small US Navy veteran owned and operated custom laser engraving shop with an eBike shop out back, or is it, an eBike shop with lasers in the back, down in the most south southwesterly corner of the USA. Imperial Beach, California and proud of it! 

We're packin':

  • 180 watts of Ruida | Lightburn controlled 50" x 70" (not a typo) gantry Co2 laser power capable of engraving and cutting basically anything not metal or what would cause toxic fumes.
  • 100 watts of 3D dynamic Z-axis BJJCZ | Lightburn controlled JPT MOPA fiber laser capable of deep engraving basically all metals complemented with an anneal just to put a bow on top! 

What's a Phantomleft anyway?

PhantomLeft...on a south southwest swell during Baja California's peak tropical season Imperial Beach produces a nice wedgy lefthanded super fun wave just south of the pier during a sucking mid-tide only. You'll see this while sitting in the wrong spot and you'll paddle over just to see it blowing up further south. Damn. You'll paddle further south over and over again trying to catch this "phantom left" which brings us to our name. "PhantomLeft". It's about chasing perfection!

PhantomLeft BBB Business Review

Certified Veteran owned diverse small business SuppierGateway certification: SG04235731149216